An Evening of Strange Tales – An evening for Friends of Blewbury Players

On Friday 11 March in the Village Hall, the Players will present a rehearsed reading of strange tales, exclusive and free for the Friends of the Players.  The tales are adapted by Steve White from the short stories of Robert Aickman, whose writings are not quite horror stories and not quite ghost stories but leave you feeling that something is not right.  His work inspired the comedy of The League of Gentlemen, whose disconcerting village of Royston Vaisey where ‘you will never leave’ is reminiscent of Blewbury.  The tales will cause a slight tingle of the spine, a gentle raising of the hairs on the back of your neck and an elusive aftertaste.  They are weird.  Just the sort of thing for a winter’s evening in the company of friends and a glass of wine.

We will be sending invitations separately to our Friends but if you would like to join our Friends, for an annual subscription of £15, to enjoy priority booking, invitations to events such as this one and be kept up to date with Players’ news, please contact our Friends’ Secretary, Roger Colebrook (01235 851495) or complete the form following the ‘join in’ and ‘friends’ links at the top of this page .

Last year the Friends’ subscriptions were used to upgrade the garden theatre walls, add to our staging and to improve lighting.  As a registered charity we also support other events in the village loaning equipment, expertise and enthusiasm. We are enormously grateful for the support from our Friends which helps make all this possible.