Tom’s Midnight Garden, 2013

‘Imaginative, passionate and moving production’.

“Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!  Loved Tom’s Midnight Garden…”

“A very enjoyable evening, MORE!”

 “Thank you for another wonderful performance”

Tom’s Midnight Garden played to full houses. Thank you to all involved and all those who came to see it. We welcomed many people new audience members this year who enjoyed the production.

An adaptation by David Wood of the wonderful book by Philippa Pearce.

Our professional director Peter Darney wrote: “Tom’s Midnight Garden is a story that has been captivating audiences young and old since it was first published in 1958… It is a story full of wonder, adventure, friendship, love and hope, and how the bonds between people can conquer age and time”.

This is a magical story about Tom who hears a grandfather clock strike thirteen and is transported  through time to a magical midnight garden.  Follow Tom’s adventures as he solves the mystery of the garden and the people that he meets there.