Fork Handles

Beatboxing Workshop. Friday 5 May at 8pm  in Blewbury School Hall.

Come and learn how to Beatbox under the supervision of Andrew London, an expert vocal percussionist.

Beatboxing is the art of making music using nothing but your mouth. Initially coming out of 1980’s New York as a cheap alternative to using a beatbox (hence the name) to rap along to, beatboxing is now a global musical movement. Andrew London has performed professionally as both an individual beatboxer and as the ‘percussion’ section of a band. In this Fork Handles session, Andrew will be teaching the fundamentals of beatboxing.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to come and have a go, at no charge, or just have a drink and watch in wonder.

Informal social evenings to ‘give it a try’

These are informal evenings for people to come along, enjoy a drink from the bar and have a go at reading a script in pairs or groups, and generally have a bit of fun and build confidence. No pressure, no stage, no audience, just a bit of fun on the night.  No pressure to audition for other stuff but a great way to find out more about joining in with our productions if you are interested.

The tag ‘Fork Handles’ originates from our first evening  reading some classic comedy material which included The Two Ronnies’ infamous sketch. Since then we have had evenings focused on song parodies, Monty Python sketches, Shakespeare For Sceptics and so on.

Everyone is welcome to make suggestions, offer to co-ordinate an evening, write and contribute their own material individually or in groups or just come along and see what’s going on.

These are held at the Melland Room, The Clubhouse, Blewbury Recreation Ground, off the London Road (A417)

If you would like to know more please do come along (no tickets, as this is not a performance just an informal get together), sign up for updates using the box on the right, or contact us via Facebook


Fork Handles Evening
dickens quote8pm, Friday 10th February
Scenes from Dickens

We will be trialing the script to be used at this Year’s Friends Evening at a Fork Handles evening, in the school, on Friday 10 February. 

Being Dickens, there are loads of parts of all shapes and sizes.  The Friends Evening will be a ‘rehearsed reading’ (i.e. no parts to learn) and anybody is welcome to come to the Fork Handles session, whether you want to do the Friends Evening or not.   So please do come along to Fork Handles, have a go, have a drink and have some fun.

This year’s Friends Evening will be in Blewbury School on Friday 31 March.  We’re presenting Scenes from Dickens (a taster for this summer’s production of Great Expectations).

Any questions? Please contact us on



Our last  ‘Fork Handles’ Evening was a lot of fun and quite a challenge!

Blewbury Players workshop: Introduction to Physical Theatre

We were delighted that Miriam Jacobs offered to run an introduction to physical theatre workshop, playing with stage movement, spatial awareness and balance exercises, presentation and pair work, and culminated with a group exercise building a human pyramid! 

Miriam Jacobs, became a resident of Blewbury last year.  For more than 10 years she taught circus and aerial skills, at the Circus Space in London, and performed/toured   in the UK, N. Ireland and Europe, before running away from the circus to concentrate more on science (public and environmental health) and sculpture. She is playing the widow in this summer’s production of The Taming of the Shrew.